Tesla Stock to $24 Trillion By 2034? Elon Says YES

Mercedes Using Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla Stock to $24 Trillion By 2034? Elon Says YES

In a tweet last night made by Alex Tourville (physics engineer and creator of X’s logo), he mentioned his thoughts as to how TSLA will reach $24 trillion in the next 10 years thanks to CyberCabs and Optimus robots.

And, after seeing the numbers, Elon agreed to the price target.

For reference, as of right now TSLA is only valued at $628 billion, meaning it would be a 38x or 3722% increase to $24 trillion.

This news comes just a couple weeks after Elon vowed to make Tesla the most valuable company on Earth.

Tesla Hits $200+ For First Time Since March

In other good news for Tesla stock, TSLA hit $200+ for the first time since March 1st, 120 days ago.

The stock price, which was around $180 at the end of May, has risen to approximately $200 as of today, indicating an increase of around 10% this month so far.

Tesla is also up 30% this month vs Bitcoin, meaning investors may soon be transferring their crypto holdings to Tesla, which should further increase momentum for TSLA.

17,500 Teslas Insured in China Last Week (Best Ever)

Tesla’s growth in China is only increasing with each week as not only FSD continues to be tested around the country, but new owners are popping up at an amazing rate.

Also in China, Tesla China is rehiring some sales staff amid Q2 2024 delivery push.

Humanoid Robot Market to $30 Trillion?

Adam Jonas in a new 10 page TSLA note: "We believe the humanoids opportunity is far bigger and faster adopting than autonomous cars & will see a greater quantum of capital behind it. Tesla is at the epicenter of the theme. Investors may need to add new tabs to their excel models"

Adam thinks the Humanoid robot addressable market is $30 trillion: "In our US TAM model, we forecast a humanoid population (cumulative/installed base) of 8 million units by 2040 ($357 billion wage impact) and 63 million units by 2050 ($3 trillion wage impact).

Mercedes to Begin Using Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla has added Mercedes to their "coming soon" list for Supercharger use.

This means Mercedes EVs will soon get access to 15,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America.

Large New Delivery Hub in Los Angeles

Tesla is moving forward with plans to turn the closed 119,000 square foot Winnetka Pacific Theaters building in Chatsworth, California into a full delivery hub and service center for the Los Angeles area.

Around 900 total parking spaces will become Tesla car storage.

Tesla Now Has 200 Supercharger Locations in France

As more superchargers continue to appear the European consumer becomes more comfortable with trading in their current vehicle for a Tesla or other EV.

Elon Musk Turns 53

Elon turns 53 and shares one of his earlier pictures of him in America 30 years ago.

Here’s 12 things that Elon has accomplished SO FAR:

  1. Founding and Leading Tesla, Inc.

  2. Co-founding PayPal

  3. Establishing SpaceX

  4. Acquisition and Transformation of Twitter

  5. Development of SolarCity

  6. Launching Neuralink

  7. Creating The Boring Company

  8. Introduction of Tesla Bot

  9. Promotion of Renewable Energy

  10. Co-founding OpenAI

  11. Developing Starlink

  12. Creating Hyperloop Concept

Happy Birthday Elon!

Tesla Tequila Now Delivering

The constantly sold out tequila which was released all the way back in 2020 is now shipping.

People have started receiving their $450 Tesla Mezcal in the U.S.

It’s "smoky and floral with a smooth finish.”

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