Elon Says Bill Gates Will Get “Obliterated”

CyberTruck Now #1 Best Selling Electric Truck in USA

Elon Says Bill Gates Will Get “Obliterated”

As Tesla continued its incredible run this week thanks to great numbers from their Q2 delivery report, Tesla short sellers lost an outstanding $3.5 billion in the span of just two days, including Bill Gates who happens to be one of the biggest short sellers of Tesla.

In response to this topic on X, Elon replied to a tweet referencing TSLA bears where he singled out Gates specifically:

According to Elon, Gates' short position started out at $500 million but has grown due to Tesla's stock price increases.

Gates’ total short position is now estimated to be between $1.5 billion and $2 billion.

On the flip side, TSLA is up over 42% in the past month, jumping over $74 in share price.

So far, Elon is doing exactly what he said he would do once he received his comp package approval just two weeks ago.

CyberTruck Becomes #1 Best Selling Electric Truck in America

For the first time ever, the Tesla Cybertruck was the #1 bestselling electric pickup truck in America in Q2, outselling the Ford F-150 Lightning.

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Keep in mind that the Cybertruck has only been officially available since November 30, 2023, when the first units were delivered during a special event at Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas​.

FSD 12.4.2 Begins Rolling Out

Tesla's FSD (Supervised) v12.4.2 is now starting to roll out to some normal Tesla owners (non-employees) in North America.

With each new update Tesla gets closer and closer to full autonomous driving needed for seamless CyberCab use.

Tesla Registrations in South Korea Hits New Record

Tesla Korea 🇰🇷 registered the highest number of vehicles ever in the country in the second quarter of 2024.

Giga Texas Cooling System Complete

Tesla fully installed all 6 cooling fans at Giga Texas ✅

These fans will cool a $2B, 50,000-unit Nvidia GPU cluster and Tesla's own compute hardware (AI5) in the coming months.

AI5 will be used as the brain for both FSD and Optimus robots.

Tesla New MegaPack Contract in New Zealand

Tesla has secured a new $163 million Megapack contract for a new battery in New Zealand 🇳🇿

The battery will support new wind and solar on an intra-day and intra-week basis and ultimately reduce reliance on gas peaker plants.

Tesla Shows Off Optimus Robot in China

Tesal showcased its second-generation Optimus humanoid robot at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai on Thursday, making it one of the few American AI products seen at China’s top AI show.

"The single Optimus shown at the Shanghai event attracted a lot of attention."

Tesla Gets Approval to Expand Giga Berlin

German environmental authorities have approved Tesla’s expansion plans for its Giga Berlin factory.

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